Rescue Dog Adorably Looks Over His Foster Ducklings


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Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK/ @lifeofpikelet Instagram Account

Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK/ @lifeofpikelet Instagram

It’s hard being a parent. Especially if you’re a foster parent from a different species.

Patty Cakes, a six-month-old rescue dog from Sydney, Australia, became a foster parent to two baby ducklings named Penguin and Popinjay. Though Patty Cakes is obviously much different, the foster ducklings have created an amazing connection with the dog.


Watch the adorable video below as the baby ducklings accept Patti Cakes as their mother and refuse to leave his side.
Patty Cakes is not raising these chicks alone. His older brother, Pikelet, is also lending a helping hand in taking care of these fluffy yellow feather balls. Can’t get enough of these animals? Check out more photos via Pikelet’s Instagram below. These dogs have a big responsibility on their paws, but by the looks of it, really don’t seem to mind.

So #awks #Pikelet #PattyCakes #Penguin #Popinjay

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Careful what you wish for… #motherducker

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According to Patty Cakes there is something quite relaxing about having your jowls groomed ???

A photo posted by Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll (@lifeofpikelet) on

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