Restaurant Owner Fires Son After He Insults a Customer


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Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

All Stars Bar & Grill owner Tony Ambrosio was pretty floored when he discovered that one of his workers insulted a customer on a receipt, according to WJAR.

The customer, Dillon Arnold, was about to sign his receipt when he noticed the word “fatty” in place of where his name would be. He tried to talk to the server about it, WJAR reports, but the server wouldn’t admit to it. Arnold posted his experience and receipt to Facebook, asking users to make it go viral. The post has since been deleted.


Word of this soon reached Ambrosio who knew he needed to punish his employee. That’s when Ambrosio discovered the server was his son. Knowing he can’t give his own family special treatment, Ambrosio fired his son immediately.

In posts that have also been removed, Ambrosio wrote Arnold an apology.

“I want to apologize to you, Dillon. From the bottom of my heart. I apologize,” he wrote. “That’s not the type of person that I am, my employees are, or my child.”

He wrote a separate apology in the comment section of Arnold’s photo: “We sincerely apologize for your negative experience last night. It was very unprofessional to say the least. We take full accountability for what occurred and would like to make it up to you. Please call me so I can offer you something for the inconvenience. This should not have happened and my staff will be dealt with right away.”

Arnold, however, still doesn’t want to go back there.

“He offered me a gift card, but I’d rather just not go there,” Arnold told WJAR. “It’s just so embarrassing.”

According to Mashable, Ambrosio’s son also issued an apology, but had to deactivate his account after receiving threats.

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