Rocker Flea Unfazed by National Anthem Criticism


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea has fired back at critics who didn’t appreciate his rendition of the American National Anthem send-off to retiring basketball star Kobe Bryant on Wednesday.

The rocker performed the “Star Spangled Banner” on his bass before the Los Angeles Lakers season-ending game against the Utah Jazz, and his version of the song lit up Twitter.


Many people were far from impressed and suggested a bigger name with a powerful voice should have been invited to sing the anthem to honor Bryant’s last game. But Flea was unfazed by the criticism and on Friday he told TMZ, “I don’t care, man. I know that people who like music liked it. I thought it was beautiful. “I really don’t have any concern for little small minds that get frustrated when they get blown. I like the big minds.” Flea’s National Anthem kicked off an evening of tributes to the retiring Lakers superstar, who went on to score an unbelievable 60 points in the home team’s win over the Jazz. Jay Z, Kanye West, Jack Nicholson, Adam Levine and David Beckham were among the stars who, like the bassist, caught Bryant’s big night.

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