Selena Gomez Won’t Be Performing Justin Bieber Ballad on Tour


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Selena Gomez won’t be performing her Justin Bieber love song on tour because it’s still a little too raw to sing live.

The Latina’s new Revival tour with Joe Jonas’ band DNCE kicks off on Friday night in Las Vegas, and Gomez can’t wait to put on a great show for fans, but there’s one song they won’t be hearing her sing, ballad “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”


“There are things that I can’t do,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I won’t be performing this on this tour because I don’t want to. It’s like when you smell a scent and it takes you back to a place that maybe wasn’t the best place. That stuff is a little bit more difficult.” Gomez and Bieber dated on and off for three years before calling time on the romance for good in 2014. She tackled the emotional song at the 2014 American Music Awards, and struggled to get through the track. But the headliner can’t wait for fans to hear her new music live, adding, “For all of my songs, I’ve got my full band, and everybody is just bringing a different flavor to everything that we’ve done. All the songs have their own charms to them. None of it really sounds like the record.” Earlier this week, it was announced that Gomez will be donating proceeds from her upcoming tour to an organization dedicated to research for lupus, a disease she was diagnosed with in 2013. Proceeds from each ticket sold will benefit Alliance for Lupus Research, which aims to find better treatments and ultimately prevent lupus. A representative for Gomez told Billboard she selected ALR because of its broad reach.

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