Students Surprise Teacher With Kittens After Her Cat Dies


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Source: Twitter/Rachel Hanhart

Source: Twitter/Rachel Hanhart

When Tonya Andrews’ cat died, she was devastated.

But when Andrews, who is a teacher at Joshua High School in Joshua, Texas, told her class about the ordeal, one student knew exactly what Andrews needed.


In a video that has since gone viral on social media, Andrews is presented with two new kittens of her very own from her students.

Andrews had told her class that after her cat died she knew she would be going to the shelter that weekend to look for two kittens so that they could play together, but student Rachel Hanhart decided to beat her to the punch.

Hanhart’s mother found two kittens for sale online one evening, so Hanhart and a few others purchased the cats with their own money.

In the video, they decided to build up the suspense by first presenting Andrews with cupcakes and flowers, but when Andrews sees the kittens, she can’t control her tears of joy.

“Are they mine?” she asks in disbelief as the students hand her the kittens. She delicately holds them against her chest as the emotions flow.

According to the Huffington Post, the kittens were named Missy and Girlie.

She also told the Post that the death of her previous cat shook her up so much she “cried pretty much every period that next day at school,” but then she knew something was up when most of the kids were missing from her second period class the next day.

“Then she held them out to me and said they were mine. My heart was filled with joy,” Andrews said.

It seems like this is a classic case of “who saved whom?”


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