A Super Cute Puppy Was Drafted to a Baseball Team After Being Abandoned in the Parking Lot


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Source: Facebook The Savannah Bananas

Source: Facebook The Savannah Bananas

A baseball team from Savannah, Georgia is adding a super adorable puppy to its batting line up!

A few weeks ago, a 7-week-old puppy was found in the parking lot at Grayson Stadium, home to the amateur baseball team, The Savannah Bananas. The crying and lonely puppy was found without a tag, collar, or microchip.


President of the team, Jared Orton, saw the lost dog as an opportunity to expand the team and create a position as “bat dog” for the tiny pup. Orton and his wife Kelsey officially adopted the dog and renamed her Daisy.

Source: Facebook The Savannah Bananas

Source: Facebook/The Savannah Bananas

“She has to be part of the family now,” he told BuzzFeed News. “We thought making her part of the Savannah Bananas family would be pretty fun.”

The team plans to teach Daisy how to fetch baseballs and bats from the field

“We still don’t really know how big she’s going to get,” Orton explained. “In the next year or so we’ll have an idea of her size and what she can do.”

Until they find out what Daisy is capable of, she is acting as more of a “customer service dog” helping to greet fans.

“She also certainly wants to put on a show,” Orton shared. “So I think it’s perfect.”

Daisy and The Savannah Bananas make their official appearance for the season opener on June 2.


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