Pro Surfer Was Attacked By A Shark, But Fought Back… WATCH!


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Professional Surfer Mick Fanning Escapes Shark Attack On Live TV

A surfing competition in South Africa came to near tragedy Sunday when a surfer was attacked by a shark during the competition and the whole scene unfolded on live TV. The attack prompted officials to cancel the event for fear of the safety of the surfers.


MickFanning_Image2   Australian Mick Fanning came within inches of being the victim of a shark attack at the J-Bay Open surfing competition in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Somehow Fanning was able to fight off the shark. The incident occurred at about 3 p.m. Fanning, a finalist, sat idly in the water on his board when behind him a large fin emerged from the water and attacked him. Fanning tried to remain on his board, but was knocked off in the attack and began to swim away. Rescue crews came quickly to Fanning’s side where he jumped on a water sled. In the video, you can see Fanning’s board tether was severed. Miraculously Fanning was unharmed. MickFanning_Image3   “I punched it in the back,” Fanning told a reporter after the incident. Well, if there were a shark punching competition, we know Fanning would certainly be the champion. Fanning’s competitor, Julian Wilson, watched the terrifying scene unfold and feared for Fanning’s life. “I was like, ‘He’s going under.’ I felt like I couldn’t get there quick enough. I’m just happy that he’s alive.” According to World Surf League commissioner Kieren Perrow, Fanning and Wilson agreed to suspend the competition and the two will split second place points and prize money. Fanning, for one, seemed content to call it a day.     “I’m happy to not compete ever again,” he told a reporter once back on the beach. “I just want to let all my family and friends know I’m okay. I’m just tripping out.”  Julian Wilson shared this photo of him hugging Fanning afterwards.  

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