In Times of Tension, Protesters on Opposite Sides Come Together in Dallas


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Source: CNN

The events of last week involving the fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, along with the deaths of five police officers at the hands of a sniper during a protest in Dallas, have left the country reeling and divided in many ways.

An outpouring of grief, but also of anger, has taken over social media and the streets, with protests and arrests occurring throughout the weekend. Tensions are running high between Black Lives Matter activists and those who perceive the movement as hostile to police.

Yet, there have also been moments of unity and mutual understanding that help us believe progress through dialog is possible.

In Dallas on Sunday, a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest was underway, when they were met with a counter-protest across the street, consisting of people who believe the movement’s claim excludes non-blacks.

“We all matter,” said Chris Rice, a counter-protester.

But instead of letting hostility take over, both groups began a dialogue through representatives, before putting differences aside and joining forces.


Source: CNN

The Black Lives Matter group crossed the street and protesters from both sides engaged in hugs and collective prayer for the city of Dallas and the people who have lost their lives.

“It’s time for us to stop this today. No more walls,” a tearful BLM activist said.

Making the moment even more healing and inclusive, a police officer who had been keeping the groups apart decided to join the protesters in their prayer.

In these times of tension, scenes like this crucially remind us that charged situations can be defused through finding common ground between individual human beings.

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