Two Dead in UCLA Campus Murder-Suicide


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Source: Washington Post

Source: Washington Post

Two people are reported dead at the UCLA campus on Wednesday.

Police confirmed there was a murder-suicide in the Engineering IV building, prompting a campus lockdown. Hundreds of frightened students were forced to stay inside campus buildings away from windows, according to CNN.


The police now have the situation under control, according to a statement from UCLA, and there are no suspects believed to be on the loose.

It is not clear whether the two males found dead are students or staff, but a weapon was found and the campus has since reopened. The Engineering IV building remains off limits as police continue to investigate.

However, during the lockdown, students didn’t waste any time trying to stay safe.

A freshmen by the name of Teddi Mattox told CNN she was getting breakfast when they got the alert.

“We got the alert and a woman said, ‘This is not a joke, everyone get to the back of the dining hall because we have to stay away from the windows,'” she said.

They were there for a few hours before police gave the all-clear.

While the situation has been contained, police still don’t know exactly why or what happened.

Charlie Beck, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department said, according to the Washington Post, “Many, many questions are unanswered at this point.”


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