Two Fans Create Live-Action ‘Calvin and Hobbes’


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Source: YouTube/Rafael Casal

Source: YouTube/Rafael Casal

Despite ending its run in 1995, famed comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, created by Bill Watterson, has never truly left the spotlight. It’s influence has been seen and is still talked about in contemporary books, television, and film. The comic followed 6-year-old Calvin and his make-believe tiger friend, Hobbes. Together, the two have adventures and discuss everything from existentialism and philosophy to environmentalism and education.

Now, two fans are re-creating Calvin and Hobbes in a completely new way.


Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs film the comic live action-style for their YouTube series. Casal plays Calvin and Diggs, who is known for originating the roles of the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the musical Hamilton, plays Hobbes.

The videos re-create some of the series’ classic comic strips line-by-line and frame-by-frame.

Casal told A Plus in an email that his relationship with Diggs is much like that of Calvin and Hobbes.

“We are project-obsessed,” he said, “and once Diggs pulled out his tiger-print fur coat, I think we just had to do it.”

Their first episode is the iconic “Why Are We Here” strip.

Casal also said he related to Calvin’s intellectual side.

“I think Watterson’s gift to me as a young person was writing a sophisticated, curious, intellectual kid that made me feel comfortable in my boyish curiosities.”

As for picking which strips they would do, he said it really came down to their favorites and what could be easily filmed.

“Of course we want to do the detective fantasies, and one with Calvin and his magical box, and Spaceman Spiff!” he told A Plus. “And maybe even a front door tiger attack. Next, we just need to cast Susie, and the parents! My parents actually look a lot like them …”

Casal also said that they’re planning on doing another nine to 12 episodes, but, in the mean time, you can enjoy the first eight.


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