This Unspillable Cup Will Give You Peace of Mind in the Office


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Source: YouTube/Unbox Therapy

Laptop owners, pet owners and parents of young children, rejoice! Your days of feeling nervous around beverages are over.

Unbox Therapy has tested the Mighty Mug, a cup that claims to be impossible to tip over. Judging from their YouTube video, the mug passed with flying colors.

The video shows Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger filling the Mighty Mug with soda and giving it increasingly strong pokes. Even when deliberately slapped, the cup stays upright, much to Hilsenteger’s amazement.

“How does everyone not have this?” Hilsenteger asks marveling at the object.


Source: YouTube/Unbox Therapy

The secret lies in the Mighty Mug’s SmartGrip Technology, which allows it to firmly adhere to any smooth surface.

Even more amazing: despite the powerful grip, the cup easily lifts off the table when you pick it up to have a sip (which, after all, is the point of a cup).

“This should be the only cup allowed on desks across America,” concludes Hilsenteger.

Let’s all rediscover the pleasure of drinking juice while surfing the Web!

Watch the video here:

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