Watch This Adorable Tee-Ball Player Celebrate With Happy Dance Moves After Getting to First Base


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Source: Twitter @selenaa04

Source: Twitter @selenaa04

Talk about a victory dance!

During his first tee-ball game, 3-year-old Cooper Buell showed off both his baseball and dancing skills. After Buell hit the ball (adding in a little bat flip!), he ran to first base and started to celebrate. Buell was so excited about his little victory, he didn’t even seem to notice when his helmet fell off, twice!

“I just thought it was hilarious and my mom was actually filming the video,” Nikki Buell, Cooper’s mom explained.

Buell’s cousin tweeted out the video and it has since gone viral with over 18,000 retweets.

“It’s everywhere. We’ve heard Snoop Dog, we’ve heard Bryce Harper, we’ve heard so many different celebrities and ESPN, everybody’s just retweeting it,” shared Buell’s mother.

Buell didn’t seem very phased by his viral video sharing with Fox 25 that he “hit the ball very hard.”

“He’s a wild man, he is all over the place,” Buell shared about her son.

So where does Buell get his moves?

“I’m gonna say his brother haha. I don’t know, I mean watching brother, I don’t know. We dance in the living room. He just went his own little way that day,” said Buell’s mother.

For now Buell seems over his moment in the spotlight and hopes to get back to the baseball diamond soon.

“I wanna go play,” said Buell.

Check out the hilarious remix Buell’s mother created below combining her son’s dance moves and “Turn Down for What.”


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