Watch: Excited Wiener Dog Dives After Dolphin in Florida River


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Recently, a wiener dog became overly excited when she saw a dolphin for the first time in her life in Florida.

The dog, named Gracie, was so excited to see the dolphin surface on the Banana River, near Port Canaveral, Florida, that she decided to chase after it. Gracie’s owner, Tina Calderin uploaded the video on Youtube last year, but received more attention after the video was reposted on the Kyoot Animals channel from America’s Funniest Home Videos earlier last week.


Before she started chasing dolphins in the water, Gracie was chasing goats and other wildlife around Calderin’s house.

“I think she was trying to herd the dolphin like she does our goats,” Calderin wrote on her Youtube video. “I think she wanted to play.”

Calderin also stated that Gracie seemed confused when she first saw the dolphin.

“She thinks she’s a dolphin,” Calderin wrote. “They are the same color.”

You can check out the funny and adorable video below.

We should all be more ambitious like this dog.  Never change Gracie!


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