Watch This Girl’s Baby Tooth Get Pulled Out by a Squirrel


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Source: YouTube/Viva Frei

Source: YouTube/Viva Frei

A man and his daughter have just achieved “an absolute internet first.”

David Freiheit attached a long string of dental floss to his daughter Mila’s loose tooth and a piece of a granola bar at the other end and waited.


What were they waiting for? A squirrel.

The idea was to have a squirrel pull the tooth from his daughter’s mouth, and boy did it work.

It took a long time before the squirrels knew the granola was on the park bench, but before long, there were several squirrels hovering around the area. Clearly, they smelled something.

Then one brave squirrel jumped onto the bench and found the granola. Mila braced for impact.

The squirrel fled with the granola and the tooth came out.

Freiheit couldn’t believe it worked and erupted with laughter.

“Oh, that was amazing,” he said, but all Mila was looking for was some hard-earned cash.

“Can I have another five dollars from the tooth fairy?” she said.

Watch the experiment below:


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