Watch These Grandparents Fail To Guess Pregnancy News in Whisper Game Challenge


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Creative birth announcements seem to be the next big thing and this is possibly the funniest one yet!


When Toni and Mike Paolillo went to tell her grandparents that they were pregnant, they took a cue from Jimmy Fallon and his Whisper Game Challenge. In the game, one person has to guess what the other person is saying by reading his or her lips. However, the catch is the person trying to guess the phrase is listening to blaring music and cannot hear one thing. After discovering the game, the Paolillo’s knew they found the perfect way to share the big news with her grandparents. “They’re just so special, and they’re always making us laugh,” Paolillo told Today. “We knew we had to do something extra good with them, and their reaction would have to be captured on camera.” Once Paolillo’s grandparents got settled with the headphones, the antics began. Paolillo repeated the phrase “You are great-grandparents,” over and over again, yet her grandparents seemed baffled by what she was trying to tell them. The guesses ranged from, “Do you want spinach?” to “What are you dreaming about?” to “You are crazy, grandma!” “We really had no idea they’d have such a hard time guessing or that we’d all end up laughing so much,” she shared. Finally, Paolillo’s grandfather put the pieces together and grabbed his chest in excitement. Following his reaction, Paolillo’s grandmother quickly realized the news and was filled with joy! Paolillo posted the clip to the Love What Really Matters Facebook page where it received over 146,000 views. “We don’t get to see so many positive things on the news, and we’re just so happy to share this news with people.” Check out the adorable clip above!

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