Watch Pedals the Bear Take a Causal Stroll Through the Neighborhood


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Source: Joey Esposito

Source: Joey Esposito

Meet Pedals, a bear who thinks it is a human.

The bear from New Jersey walks upright due to an injury in its front paw. The injury was probably from a vehicle, officials explained.


Despite the paw injury, the bear seems to be in good health. According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, this is the first time Pedals has been spotted since December, proving it survived the winter.

Officials try to keep the whereabouts of Pedals known due to her popularity. Officials believe the black bear “took advantage of the region’s bountiful acorn crop” to survive the winter.

Facebook user Joey Esposito spotted the bear last Monday and posted the video on Facebook writing, “Ran into Pedals The Bear Today 6/20/16!! A lil beat up, But going strong (sic)!!

Many people from the area have called in to wildlife officials asking to help the bear, yet the officials claim the bear should be left alone and not put in captivity.

Injuries are common among black bears in New Jersey, with many of the animals just adjusting to life after something happens.

“Black bears are very adaptable animals,” the wildlife officials shared with BuzzFeed News.

Check out Pedal’s full stroll below.


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