Watch This Rat Mom Bravely Fight Off a Snake To Rescue Her Baby


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Source: Rojas Montecinos Evy/Facebook

A mother’s love knows no bounds – and no fear.

A Facebook video originally posted by Rojas Montecinos Evy shows a rat mother ferociously attacking a snake who tried to steal her pup from her. The video has been viewed 19 million times as of press time.

The nail-biting footage shows the snake trying to make its getaway along the side of a road, holding the baby rat in its mouth. The rat mother is hot on its tail and relentlessly attacks the reptile, forcing it to drop the pup, which appears unharmed.


Source: Rojas Montecinos Evy/Facebook

But the rat doesn’t stop there and actually chases after the snake as it slithers away, making sure it doesn’t come back, before returning to carry her baby back to safety.

This proves once again that mothers are a force of nature.

Watch the video here:

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