Watching How Happy This Dog Is When He Finds His Owner Will Make Your Day


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Source: Facebook/Maria's Journey

Source: Facebook/Maria’s Journey

Sometimes when you see other people happy, you can’t help but get happy too. And that’s totally the case with this dog.

Sandy, as she’s called, has been away from her owner, Scottish health and fitness blogger Maria Maciocia, for seven months. One morning though, Sandy could smell her around the house, and so began the epic search for Maciocia.


Sandy runs around, tail propelling, barely being able to contain her excitement as she checks each room for her beloved owner.

When she finally enters the bedroom, she finds Maciocia crouched behind the bed.

Sandy cannot believe her eyes. Her happiness cannot be put into words as she jumps on the bed and cries with joy.

It’s one of those moments that has to be seen to be fully appreciated – and has rightfully garnered some 100,000 views (as of press time). Check out Sandy’s journey below and share in the love.

G O O D M O R N I N G Sandy ?? If only you knew how famous you are today! ?

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