Wolf Pack Kills 19 Elk in Rare Mass Killing


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Source: Country10.com

Source: Country10.com

The Internet is abuzz after a freak accident occurred in Jackson, Wyoming.

A pack of wolves is believed to have killed 19 elk at a feedground. The Wyoming Dame and Fish Department called it an extremely rare “surplus killing.” What this means is that the wolves killed for sport, not just food.


John Lund, regional wildlife supervisor, confirmed there were 19 dead total – 17 calves and two adults.

“It has been observed on other occasions, just not very often. This was one of those events … Normally one or two elk a night here and there is no big deal, but 19 in one night is fairly rare,” Lund told Country 10.

Lund also said he thinks he knows which wolf pack did it.

“The one [pack] that has been hitting this feedground as far as we can tell is called the Rim Pack. I think there are nine wolves in that pack,” he said.

Mike Jimenez, wolf coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said they did an eight-year study at the elk feedground and found that “generally wolves did not kill what they did not eat.”

However, Lund is not sure whether something should be done about the wolves.

“We are kind of in a bind right now because we don’t have any management authority over wolves.” Lund said. “That is strictly the USFWS that has that authority. We manage the elk on the feedgrounds, but with wolves, we don’t have any management authority.”


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