YouTuber Fills Swimming Pool With Coca-Cola, Goes Viral


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Courtesy AL.Com

Courtesy AL.Com

Is there a more American way to celebrate the Fourth of July than a dip in the pool? How about if the pool is full of soda?

YouTube superstar TechRax did just that last week, uploading a video to his channel featuring an above-ground pool filled with over 1,500 gallons (or 2,839 two-liter bottles) of cola, plus Mentos candy and ice.

For those curious, TechRax didn’t limit himself to only one brand of soda. According to the video, “Yes, some Pepsi was used in the making of this video. Roughly seven percent of the pool’s capacity.”

Once the mixture is complete, TechRax sends in a friend, identified as Ryan, into the mixture. After taking a run dive in, Ryan proclaims that the pool feels “really smooth,” though he feels all the fizz on the inside. After dipping his head in the liquid he proclaims it “feels real good.”

Next TechRax pilots a DJI Phantom 4 drone into the pool. After showing secondary camera coverage and a POV shot of the drone landing in the soda, the host then takes the drone apart detailing the damage caused by the beverage.

Since it’s initial upload on June 24th, the video has become a viral smash. It’s already been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube.

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